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Graduate major in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 
The department of electrical and electronic engineering offers a broad range of advanced courses as well as fundamental subjects in the field of electrical and electronic engineering. These courses cover basic topics necessary for understanding electrical and electronic engineering, which provide the state-of-the-art science and technology in the field: “electronic materials,” “electron devices,” “wave, photonics and communication,” “electronic circuit,” and “power, energy and environment” and pragmatical courses, in which students acquire practical skills of electrical and electronic engineering. Along with master’s and doctoral research activities, students are expected to enhance the abilities of problem identification and resolution.

Graduate major in Energy Science and Engineering
This degree program takes a holistic approach to graduate education in the Interdisciplinary field of Energy Science and Engineering. It aims to develop energy science and engineering leaders of the future who can solve complex problems using technology, science and engineering. 

Graduate major in Life Science and Technology
The School of Life Science and Technology nurture students who will be able to contribute to the creation of universal intellectual basis and give it back to the society with an ethical worldview through elucidation of biological mechanisms and through pioneering new engineering applications based on the biological knowledge.

Graduate Major in Nuclear Engineering 
This graduate major of nuclear engineering has originally been established in 1993. Since then, a number of students have joined us from many countries and graduated from our course. They are actively contributing to the development of industries and technologies in Japan or in their own countries. This graduate course provides with core curriculum for nuclear reactor engineering and fuel cycle technologies and also covers extended nuclear energy, such as laser and particle beams, accelerator, plasma sciences, nuclear fusion, energy and environment, and social relations.

Guide to Graduate Education and International Graduate Program (Fall 2017)