Graduate school Orientation

  • Graduate major of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    16:15-, 2nd April, S011 lecture room, South Lecture Bldg., Oookayama Campus.
  • Graduate major of Energy Science and Engineering
    16:30-, 2nd April, Multipurpose Hall, 1st Floor, North Bldg. 3, Oookayama Campus. 

  • Graduate major of Human Centered Science and Biomedical Engineering
    16:00-, 2nd April, 16:00~ W621 lecture room, 2nd Floor, West Lecture Bldg. 2, Oookayama Campus. 

  • Graduate major of Nuclear Engineering
    9:30-, 3rd April, Conference Room, 1st Floor, North Bldg. 1, Oookayama Campus.